About Kaji

Kaji is a quiz-based personal knowledge management software. Initially, it was designed and developed to help students in higher learning institutions to prepare for their exams while developing their thinking skills. At the moment, works are being done to determine the best ways to maximize Kaji’s effectiveness on primary and secondary school students.

Basic features

Main menu for Kaji 2021v1
  • Latest version: 2021v1 (January 14th, 2021)
  • Currently for Windows only
  • Personal quiz-based knowledge management system
  • An inquiry-based learning tool
  • Students create all quiz-items (questions and answer) to promote self-directed learning
  • Require students to do self-assessment
  • Constant inquiry and reflection helps develop thinking skills
  • Help to develop life-long learning skills
  • Instructors can use students’ Kaji reports to assess students’ performance
  • Students’ Kaji data can be passed on to later students for improvements