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Mohammad Shah Bin Kamarulzaman
B.IT (UTP), M.Ed (UTas)

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I am currently a teaching staff at Universiti Utara Malaysia since 2004. Courses I have taught are mostly related to educational technology. I have a Masters degree in Education from University of Tasmania (UTas) and a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from University of Technology PETRONAS (UTP).

Teaching Philosophy

I would like to apply what I have learnt from my profession, my academic background, my interests and other life experience to good use so that I can contribute to the society. I hope I could instill these values to my students as well. I do not want my students to become excellent in academics but poor in ethical values. I wish to teach people to become human, not monsters.

People are individually different, so as an educator it is important to quickly understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses. This is important so that we can adapt our teaching methods to fit most students if not all. 

I like to treat my students as friends while practicing professional values at the same time. In this way, I could know my students better especially in terms of their current unseen problems which can affect their learning performance. Knowing their current state, we can advise and act accordingly to keep their motivation to learn as high as possible.

You will know when you have done an excellent job when your students are happy with you while able to complete all their tasksĀ up to the required standards. I always hope that my students will become better educators and human beings than I am.

Learning Philosophy

From my personal experience, if you want to learn something new, asking these questions will help a lot.

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • What does it have?
  • How can we use it ethically?

Courses Taught

  • SGDT4013 Teknologi dan Inovasi dalam pendidikan
  • SGDM3043 Developing Web-based Teaching
  • SGDM3033 Multimedia Courseware Development
  • SGDM3023 Audio-Video Development for Education
  • SGDM3013 Graphics and Animation Development for Education
  • SGDA2233 Digital Technology in Education
  • SGDT2053 Visual Programming
  • SGDM2013 Foundation of Multimedia Technology in Education
  • GDB2023 Introduction to E-Learning for Language Teacher

My General Profile for Book Publication

(English) Mohammad Shah Kamarulzaman is currently a lecturer in the School of Education and Modern Languages (SEML) Universiti Utara Malaysia since 2006. He received his Masters of Education from University of Tasmania, Australia in 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from Universiti Teknologi Petronas in 2003. He worked as a programmer in the private sector from 2003 to 2006. He is active in entering innovation competitions within Malaysia and received several medals including for Kaji, a personal quiz-based knowledge management system ( His main research interest is educational technology that focusses on adult education and tertiary teaching.

(Malay) Mohammad Shah Kamarulzaman merupakan salah seorang pensyarah di Sekolah Pendidikan dan Bahasa Moden (SEML) Universiti Utara Malaysia sejak tahun 2006. Beliau mendapat Ijazah Sarjana Pendidikan dari University of Tasmania, Australia pada tahun 2006. Beliau memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda Teknologi Maklumat dari Universiti Teknologi Petronas pada tahun 2003. Dia pernah bekerja sebagai pengaturcara di sektor swasta dari tahun 2003 hingga 2006. Beliau aktif dalam memasuki pertandingan inovasi di Malaysia dan mendapat beberapa pingat termasuk pingat emas dalam pertandingan iCompEx 2020 untuk projek Kaji, iaitu suatu sistem pengurusan pengetahuan peribadi berasaskan kuiz ( Kerja-kerja penyelidikannya tertumpu kepada teknologi pendidikan terutamanya dalam pendidikan orang dewasa dan pengajian tinggi.